Program 2023

Meidjo Telemark Festival 2023 Program 

Friday  April 7

17h00: Registration and start of festival 

18h30: Drink and pot luck  (everyone brings something to share!)

20h30: Film

Saturday April ! : Welcome Friends! 

8h30: Breakfast toast and Registration

10h00/12h00 : Telemark classes on La Girose Glacier 

15h00 : Hot wine at 3200

15h30: Last run all together to the base

19h00 Drink offered by Cave DIDIER

19h30: Dinner 

20h00: Concert 

Sunday April 9 

8h30: Breakfast 

9h00 : High Mountain Guide Supervision (on registration)

9h00/11h00 : Telemark classes on La Girose Glacier 

13h30: Shared meal at Evariste Chancel Refuge 

17h00: Snack

* The organizer reserves the right to change the program depending in particular on the weather conditions of the day